Paulette Jaques

Paulette Jaques

Concord NH Joined August 25, 2011

My mind is on go all the time...just trying to come up with things that are fun!


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4 months ago
Paulette Jaques added a comment to Musical Pedals

My idea was in UC long ago. Was submitted more than once.

5 months ago
Paulette Jaques replied to a forum topic Ventu on $10!!! OMG!! Order 3 get free shipping too!

Ordered one Andrea!! So glad it actually got made!!! Wahoo!

6 months ago
Paulette Jaques submitted a new idea
Attachment20141024-6897-1afpi5l Vibrating Ball Art
6 months ago
Paulette Jaques created a new forum topic Someone get me up to speed!
I was pretty active on Quirky for a few years, ok, obsessed. I have been out of the loop for over a year...can anyone get me up to speed about what's been going on? Maybe in one or two lines??? Thanks everyone!!
8 months ago
Paulette Jaques added a comment to Tag-Along Roll Call Wristbands

It is a good idea...this is one of the first ideas I ever submitted to quirky with lots of resubmits.

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Julien Bissonnette Lapierre
8 days ago
Hello ! I got a new idea, could you take a look please to my Deluxe Laptop Cushion.
25 days ago
Hi Paulette, If you wouldn't mind, would you please consider reviewing - surround sound headphones. Your vote would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Aflos2012
S Gene
about 1 month ago
Please check out and vote for BACK UP, a device that has the potential to save many lives! Thanks!
Pavel Rezanka
about 1 month ago
Hello Paulette, Like your Frosty Rings+++Hate drilling holes in the wall? Please check my sollution U-Hanger
EnriC'h .
EnriC'h .
about 1 month ago
Hello Paulette, I hope you didn't loose too much with the big drop of the 28th february ... :-( I did... In the mind of Plateform 2.0 I made a team with Martime to develop her idea and make prototypes and video, I hope you'll enjoy ;-) Thanks for visiting :
Paul Lieponis
Paul Lieponis
2 months ago
Hello! I also develop mobile games. Check it out:
2 months ago
Thumbs Up!
Ed Burback
2 months ago
I just posted an idea. Can you take a look at it?
hjvhjkg vhjkbhlhj
3 months ago
I have a new idea «UV-Ball»... please check.thank you very much.
3 months ago
Hello how are you? please check out my new idea and vote tell me what you think I would be very greatful thanks....
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