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I am a 3D artist, living in the sunshine of California, who loves helping people with their ideas. I run a small business making images for $15, for inventors to help their viewers visualize their idea. If you find my renders to your liking and want to have one of your very own, send me a message with its description and I will give you a quote for your render. See my website for prices, reviews from real clients, and a gallery containing samples of my work @

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5 days ago
Peter Frazier added a comment to High Contrast Black and White

Just right. I would be proud to have this in my house to show off:)

5 days ago
7 days ago
Peter Frazier replied to a forum topic In Memory Of Steven Shaw | We Are All Community

May his memory be cherished and his work continued. Send my condolences to his family.

11 days ago
Peter Frazier added a comment to Hub-Lead System

I personally think this is the best option. As an rc builder myself I think the amount of batteries you need for something is always important, and if all the wheels had two batteries then this would turn into a very heavy and inefficient product. Also this option allows all the wheels get the same amount of power instead of having a bunch of wheels with different amounts of power (because the batteries might be drained at different rates) and thus turning at different speeds. This could cause the car to turn by itself. In my opinion this is the best option because after the pros and cons are weighed out this one is the best compromise. Voted

12 days ago
Peter Frazier added a comment to Gloss white and metal

I would like this color in my kitchen:)

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Michael Brothers
1 day ago
Thanks for Following! I truly appreciate it!
1 day ago
Hello Peter! Love your renders and would like to talk to you aboput doing a few for me? Problem is I cannot message you. Guess you need to follow me back in order for that to happen? Would appreciate that much. Thank you kindly.
2 days ago
Michael "mouse" Greiner
3 days ago
Thank you Peter!!!
Essam Abozid
5 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
6 days ago
Hi fellow Quirkian I have resubmitted my Remixer with a few improvements. Plz vote TU... I thank you and wish you good fortune!:)
7 days ago
Following you...Please check out Kitty Condo!!! Appreciate it
Lopper and Saw Combo
11 days ago
Hi. Could you take a look at "3rd Arm" & please VOTE. Thank you.
15 days ago
Hi there!! Did you ever see a Bucket with a storage space, a hole in the underside of the Bucket…and there is no leak. Come and look, see it for yourself!!
Lee Acevedo
17 days ago
Hi Peter if you have a moment check out my new idea wifi oil gauge thank you.
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