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A survey was opened on Oct 03, 2012. See the results of the research.

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Design Project

Dock Storage and Adjustable Nozzles

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Safety Nozzle and Control Squeeze

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Glue Slicer Double-Barrel Push Back

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Nozzle Twist and Switch

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Easy Squeeze, Back Trigger Button

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Glue Pen with Extra Glue Storage

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

No Slip Glue Pen & Dock

Quirky Invention Ambassadors

Interchangeable Bead and Roll Heads

Quirky Invention Ambassadors
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Design Project

All-Purpose Glue

Nathan Lane

Traditional Glue Gun Option

Nathan Lane

Pen Style Glue Roller w/ Ink Well Style Base/Holder

kimberly Patota

Trays with shapes

angelo cacchione

Gun Stay Upward for less dripping cordless or use cord for continious heat (Base-Storage for nozzles, glue sticks & wrench)

Columbo ...

Make it caulking gun style.

Kenneth Rubi

Seam Roller Size W/Std. Feed, Load Thru Handle


Cut the Cord and use a base/holder to heat the roller.

Crystal Yazvac
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Quirky Product Evaluation

On Mar 10, 2012 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select Hot Glue Gun to become a Quirky Invention.

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Hot Glue Gun
Re-invent hot glue gun when a small heated roller wax hair remover meets hot glue (not a gun) gun.Roll hot glue on projects-no squirty mess

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