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Not every idea can become a product immediately. Sometimes what seems good on paper can have issues when being designed, manufactured and marketed. This invention sadly falls into this category. Sign up for updates to learn if this idea starts development again.

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The projected price for Pressto! is $18.00.

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White (metal coated in white)

Ben Kaufman
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“Less water. More flavor.”

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The Regular

Ben Kaufman
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Product Research

Is absorbent cloth necessary when pressing tofu or would the pressure from the press be sufficient at removing excess water?

Ben Kaufman

What would be an ideal bite size cube of tofu for dicing?

Ben Kaufman

What other features would be useful for the tofu press other than it being ideal at making your own tofu, pressing tofu, cutting, or marinating tofu?

Ben Kaufman
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Quirky Product Evaluation

On Jun 01, 2009 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select Pressto! to become a Quirky Invention.

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Less Water, More Flavor.

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