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We've finished the designs, but that's just one step on the journey of making a product. Check back for updates on manufacturing.

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The projected price for Imprinter is $18.00.

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“Creativity that Sticks”

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Design Project

Various font choices

Liza Smith

Multiple color choices

Liza Smith

Must have clear option - possibly double-stick?

Liza Smith

Designed like my Original Submission


Enclose the tape within the machine

Max Kilb

Two or three widths of tape that rewind onto additional spools.


One can specify how it should be scaled, rotated, translated etc., when cloned & repeated & randomized

Anant Gilra

Scan another design, replicate it and then print it

Anant Gilra
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Design Project

Make Tape Rolls out of Zink - No ink cartridges!

Debra Stone

print from your phone


Photo frame. View content before you print in the frame. Attractive printer that can be left on the counter/desk.


Portable device both plugin or for on-the-go re-chargeable batteries

George Scott

Allow for different surfaced type tape

George Scott

Software based templates that you can share (off & online) reuse!

George Scott

Similar to P-Touch

Jason Hunter

Wonderful product

Jess F
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On Aug 21, 2012 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select Imprinter to become a Quirky Invention.

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