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We've finished the designs, but that's just one step on the journey of making a product. Check back for updates on manufacturing.

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The projected price for Bonfi is $18.00.

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Logo Design

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“sit together. stow whatever.”

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Design Project

Bonfire Stools

bessy liang
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Research: Ethnographic

Picnic with nowhere to sit

David Yakos

Going Fishing? Might as well be comfortable....


Camp Seating


Nature loving, free thinkers. I thought this was the most obvious use:

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Research Project

A survey was opened on Aug 23, 2010. See the results of the research.

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Quirky Product Evaluation

On Aug 20, 2010 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select Bonfi to become a Quirky Invention.

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Sit together. Stow whatever.

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