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We've finished the designs, but that's just one step on the journey of making a product. Check back for updates on manufacturing.

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The projected price for FrostyMat is $11.00.

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A survey was opened on Dec 13, 2013. See the results of the research.

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Tagline Project

“Say No To Sticky Dough”

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The Cool Pastry Mat
2nd 0 Votes
Chill then Fill
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Knead, Roll, and Chill
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Chill While You Roll
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Chill & Roll

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Chill Mat
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Easy Roller
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Cool Mat
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Style Project

Raspberry White

Anna Buchbauer
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Design Project

QDS Concept 1

Andrew Erlick

QDS Concept 2

Andrew Erlick

Steven Shaw Concept

Andrew Erlick

QDS Concept 4

Andrew Erlick

QDS Concept 5

Andrew Erlick

QDS Concept 6

Andrew Erlick
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Features & Functions Project

Insulated bottom side to keep it cold for a longer period of time

Jeroen Inventions

Metric & Standard Measure Ruler Printed Along the Edge

Lynn Swords

gel and material that can be unrolled when frozen


Circular measurement lines

Kevin Hamblin

Measurements labeled on mat to indicate size/radius of dough

Gary Hoke

Segmented freezer gel mat

Francis L
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Product Brainstorm

Quirky Design Staff and the Quirky community came together to collaborate on FrostyMat in the live Product Brainstorm broadcast.

Quirky Product Evaluation

On Jul 19, 2013 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select FrostyMat to become a Quirky Invention.

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FrostyMat original
Chill Pastry Mat
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Say no to sticky dough

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