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We've decided to go ahead with making this product. But this doesn't mean everything is in the clear. We still have to oversee production of the product.

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The projected price for Refuel is $18.00.

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What's going on?
Spring has sprung and we hope you are ready to fire up the grill for barbecue season. Before we debut Refuel to the public this summer, we'd like to give a few people a sneak peak at this brand new product. If you're ready to flame on, keep reading!

We're looking for 50 Quirky community members to participate in a field test of Refuel, our app-enabled propane tank meter. We would love your feedback on the out-of-box experience, initial setup, and field performance of the product before it hits store shelves.

How to play
To sign up for this field test, please start by completing this survey. We'll ask for some of your personal information so we can put together a balanced sample group. You will need a smart phone, Wi-Fi connection, and a propane grill to participate.

Refuel Field Test Participant Survey

In the next few weeks, we will qualify participants and let you know if you've been selected.

- Influence will not be awarded for this project.
- The field test period will be for about 1 week. We will send a Refuel for you to test at home.
- Participation in this test will be subject to the Quirky Product Testing Program Terms and Conditions
- If you have a question about the Refuel Field Test, please contact

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A survey was opened on Dec 23, 2013. See the results of the research.

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“Never let the fire expire”

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Propane with a brain
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Grill without the guesswork
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Gas without the guesswork
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In The Know When It's Low
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Fired Up

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Smart LP
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Think Tank
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Propane Pal

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Option 2 - Two piece design

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A survey was opened on Oct 22, 2013. See the results of the research.

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Quirky Product Evaluation

On Oct 11, 2013 staff and community members joined together at Quirky HQ in New York to select Refuel to become a Quirky Invention.

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Never let the fire expire

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