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Pop and Mop


Do you own a mop at home?
Do you also use a bucket when you mop?
How often do you mop?
How often do you replace your mop?
Where is your mop currently stored?
Where is your bucket currently stored?
Which part do you dislike the most about mopping?
Where do you put your mop when changing water?
How much would you be willing to pay for a collapsible mop bucket?

Product Research

In this project, we’ll need you to answer some key research questions so we can further define this product’s initial direction.

First, check out Papajim’s Collapsible Mop Bucket!

The only way this is gonna work is if you’re completely honest. Take it away!

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How Research Works

As with any good project, research is the starting point for realizing a great idea. During this stage of development, we are interested in discovering consumer preferences, potential use cases, and design directions for a new product. We will ask you questions straight from our design staff or the inventors themselves.

Of course, we don't expect you to share your knowledge for free: By sharing your insights with us you'll earn yourself some influence! All participants split 5% amongst themselves. The more questions you complete, the more influence you will earn!