We're looking for smart toy ideas that'll take fun to a whole new level.

This challenge has ended. Tune in to Quirky.com/live on June 5th at 7pm EST to watch the top submissions get evaluated live.


About Quirky Invention Challenges


Quirky Invention Challenges inspire the community to invent around a particular product category, innovation, holiday, market, or technology. Basically, we're giving you a big ol' hint about what we're interested in exploring. Rise to the challenge!


What is Quirky?

Quirky is a company that makes invention accessible by bringing new product ideas to life through its online collaborative platform. Our global community works with us in every aspect of product creation — from ideation, design, naming, marketing, right on through to sales. Learn more about How Quirky Works.

What's an Invention Challenge?

A Quirky Invention Challenge asks the community to focus their creative energy on submitting ideas for one particular topic. Topics may include a specific product category, innovation, holiday, market, or technology. Sometimes we partner with brands, such as The Home Depot, General Electric, and Real Simple, and sometimes we think them up all on our own!

Why should I submit my idea to an Invention Challenge?

When we issue an Invention Challenge, we're basically giving you a big ol’ hint about what we’re interested in exploring. It stands to reason that we’ll be looking at submissions to Invention Challenges with an extra careful eye.

What happens to my idea once I submit it to an Invention Challenge?

Invention Challenge submissions are treated just like any other idea submission. Brush up on our policy right here.

Do I need to resubmit my idea through the Invention Challenge page?

Yes, please! But should you forget, we'll always run an archive search to find ideas that may have already been submitted.

What is Eval?

Every Thursday, we gather a group of industry experts, friends, and community members at our headquarters in New York. Watch and participate live on Quirky.com/live as we debate the best ideas submitted that week. Before the night is over, we'll crown the next Quirky inventors.