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9 months ago
Rob Vanacore submitted a new idea
Attachment20140818-6074-1tyk9fw Hand held cooking appliance
11 months ago
Rob Vanacore submitted a new idea
Attachment20140614-24802-btnfkr Ironing Evolution
11 months ago
Rob Vanacore submitted a new idea
Attachment20140614-59-148rp7x Off Set Highlighter SEE VIDEO
about 1 year ago
Rob Vanacore replied to a forum topic Quirky says they are a Tech Co. and kill Pixies, Whix, Spoons, Cake Cutter, etc and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn decide to make the Ginormous Moneymaker of Plate Pals.

The cheeseburger depicted in the render has a fighting chance of making it from the counter to the diner table without taking a fall but the half cut piece of corn on the cob will never make it past 18 inches after lift off....12 if its buttered.

about 1 year ago
Rob Vanacore replied to a forum topic Songs Ruined by Commercials

This is not a TV commercial song complaint but rather a bit of trivia that I recently discovered. Did you know that Three Dog Night's #1 hit (Joy to the world) was originally written for a cartoon that never materialized? I found this out while watching an episode of Pawn Stars....The lyrics finally make sense to me after all these years. Why else would a popular Rock band in the 70's write a song about a bullfrog named Jeremiah who loved to drink his wine, UNLESS he was a cartoon character? Thank you Pawn Stars.

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Colby W
12 days ago
Please take a look at my latest submission and help my idea reach the next stage: SmartStand
Julien Bissonnette Lapierre
29 days ago
Hello ! I got a new idea, could you take a look please to my Deluxe Laptop Cushion.
S Gene
2 months ago
Please check out and vote for BACK UP, a device that has the potential to save many lives! Thanks!
Yongshin Ju
3 months ago
Please come and see my idea and give me your valuable 1 vote. thanks.
Andre Nusta
5 months ago
please look at my ideas of ''nustaband'' and ''bottom complete''
Think Tank
5 months ago
Happy New Year! We can create something useful for the community. EasyCam phone case for IPHONE! Regards
Aaron Walters
6 months ago
Hey, could you please take a look at my College Desk Clip? Thanks!
7 months ago
Please check out my new idea.
D Qunell
7 months ago
Hi. Could you please take a look at the "Magnifying Glass Clip for Tools", and please VOTE. Thank You.
Somya Mishra
Somya Mishra
7 months ago
Hi Rob, My Idea is Live now, Can you review Power Pill (, and vote for it, if you like it.
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