Sebastien Lauzon

Ottawa, Canada Joined March 05, 2012

Creativity is fun so is life, let's live it!

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Julia J.
17 days ago
Your eyetape idea is super - hope it will win :-)
about 1 month ago
I just love the baby bath! All your ideas are awesome! Thanks for being a great inspiration to those of us just starting out here! :)
Jim England
about 1 month ago
Great chatting with you as well!
vector 2.0
about 1 month ago
Hope all is well!
Gerwald Tschinkel
about 1 month ago
looks cool! need it (really!)
3 Feet-from Gold
about 1 month ago
A multiwinner inventor ! a pleasure to surf your pg. = Congrats
2 months ago
i love the tech tape, it would also be helpful for lots of contractors to have this type of technology in those rolling tape measures.. i think they are called measuring wheels... my husband does gutters and we use ipad apps for record keeping, invoices, etc..and if we could get measurements into the system (on ipad) and added up that would be awesome! do a measuring wheel with this!
ElizaBacon Wingfield
3 months ago
Thank, Seb!
Mary Mahood
4 months ago
Thanks for following and your support
brenda cole
4 months ago
sorry, misunderstood your post. I'm guessing "not hearing anything" is GOOD news! hope so anyhow.
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