Position your power

Distribute outlets...

Across conference tables, under shared desks, throughout your workshop, or along a wall.

Make it stick

Pod Power's got grippy feet, but it also comes with adhesive pads, so you can wall mount it or anchor it on a flat surface.

Position your power
Invented By

Kate Vallon

Like all Quirky products, Pod Power was invented and influenced by real people like you. The idea for Pod Power hit Kate her first year in the cramped Syracuse University dorms. Struggling to find outlets where she needed them most, she wished there was a way to spread them all over—especially when guests came over with their laptops. Eventually, she submitted her idea to Quirky and we liked it so much, we hired her. Success!

2176 influencers helped bring Pod Power to life.

Kate Vallon
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Pods: 1" Diameter x 1" H (30mm x 29mm). Cord length: 9' total, 3' between pod to pod/pod to plug


Development duration: 4 months
Time in store: 9 months
Units sold to date: 1,592

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In the box

1 Pod Power (3 outlets distributed across a 9 ft. extension cord) + 3 adhesive pads