Measure the spread

Double agent

Scoop's hinged design allows it to make a quick switch from spoon to spreader.

Portion control perfected

Measurement lines gauge teaspoon or tablespoon serving sizes so you can use just the right amount.

Measure the spread
Invented By

Patty Lovell

Canton, OH

Like all Quirky products, Scoop was invented and influenced by real people like you. Teacher Patty Lovell’s lunches always included peanut butter, so she wanted someone to make one utensil that would allow her to scoop, measure, and spread the condiment in one motion. Turns out, that someone would be her. The avid runner also loves to travel and previously started a non-profit called Girls On The Run of Stark County, encouraging girls to live joyful, healthy lives.

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Patty Lovell
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2.7" W x 6.7" H x 0.2" D (70mm W x 172mm H x 6mm D)


Development duration: about 1 month
Time in store: over 2 years
Units sold to date: 1,213

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