Stretch and store

Keep miscellany at arms reach

Expandable bands of varying size allow you to secure something as small as a toothbrush or as large as a water bottle.

Small footprint

Loopits is easy to install, customize, and remove by attaching to walls with adhesive or screws.

Stretch and store
Invented By

Heather O'Donahoe

Altoona, WI

Like all Quirky products, Loopits was invented and influenced by real people like you. Heather Chillemi O’Donahoe was looking for a place to keep her remote next to her TV when she realized she could band it to the wall using the buttons as a catch. She submitted it to Quirky, a community she says is perfect for her crazy imagination, and we helped develop Loopits into its current form. Heather, now a stay-at-home mom, has been rigging things to make life easier since childhood.

2908 influencers helped bring Loopits to life.

Heather  O'Donahoe
  • $4,609
  • $6,120



Plastic, adhesive, elastic


Disks: 1" W x .6" D (30mm W x 16mm D) Large band, non-looped: 25" L x 162" W (635mm L x 6.40mm W) Small band, non-looped: 16" L 162" W (400mm L x 6.40mm W)


Development duration: 2 months
Time in store: over 2 years
Units sold to date: 1,167

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In the box

3 large bands 3 small bands 6 disks