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Wrangle the tangle

With Wrapster, you can say goodbye to wasted hours spent detangling your headphones. Earbud cords run through two separated side tubes and wrap around Wrapster's central bar. Its unique design sticks with your 'phones whether they're in use or in your pocket, creating a more convenient, less bulky way to travel with sound.

Wrangle the tangle
Compact organization

Compact organization

Your earbuds used to end up like a ball of tangled yarn. Wrapster keeps 'em neatly in your pocket and ready to rock.

But wait, there's more

After removing your cords, Wrapster can serve as a stand to help steady your iPhone in landscape mode.

But wait, there's more

Matthew Fleming

Born in Philly, grew up in...

Like all Quirky products, Wrapster was invented and influenced by real people like you. Unsatisfied with the iPhone case be bought to help wrap his earbuds, Matthew Fleming's creative juices started flowing—and they didn't stop until Wrapster became a reality. This father and clinical psychologist spends his days collaborating with clients to increase their enjoyment of life while decreasing their stress. This has been a major theme in how he's approached invention. Matt has a few quirks himself, like eating ice after meals, sitting on a stool while showering, and thinking about the mysteries of the great pyramids.

406 influencers helped bring Wrapster to life.

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2.6″ L × 1.2″ W (66mm x 30mm)


Development duration: 23 days
Time in store: over 3 years
Units sold to date: 484,372

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1 Wrapster Available in blue, purple, charcoal, and white


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