A sweeping improvement in dustpans

Bye bye bunnies

A row of rubber teeth on the inside edge of the dustpan cleans bristles when your broom gets yucky.

Fancy footwork

A foot pedal steadies the dustpan to the floor so you won't hurt your back for the sake of a clean sweep.

A sweeping improvement in dustpans
Invented By

bill ward

Charleston, SC

Like all Quirky products, Broom Groomer was invented and influenced by real people like you. In 2008, Bill was sweeping in his garage when he cut his hand on broken glass that got mixed with up dust on his broom. He began racking his brain to come up with a sensible way to clean it without having to touch gross, possibly dangerous bristles—and the Broom Groomer was born. After years running a restaurant in Quito, Ecuador, Bill now spends his time designing toys. He'll go the extra mile to a good fishing spot and enjoys a midnight peanut butter sandwich.

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bill ward
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