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Clip and clean

Chopping food with a knife is an elegant activity until it comes time to crudely clean the blade with a swipe of your finger. Glide is a nifty little tool designed to solve this problem for good, keeping a chef’s fingers safe from slicing, along with the stench of garlic or onion. The device clips discreetly onto your knife, moving effortlessly up and down the blade to clean it without the need for napkins or fingers.

Clip and clean


Attaches to any kitchen knife and cleans debris from both sides of the blade with a single motion.


Ergonomic grip provides maximum security and comfort near the blade.

Slice 'n store

Slice 'n store

Compactness allows for easy storage in your drawer or on your knife.

Calea Kevlin

West Chester PA

Like all Quirky products, Glide was invented and influenced by real people like you. Calea Kevlin was chopping garlic, wishing she could clear her knife without losing tasty bits. Plus, she didn't want to smell like garlic or risk cutting herself. A vampire's dilemma, for sure. Inspired by a quote by John Maeda, she conceieved of Glide, and perfected it with Quirky. The quote? "Design makes what is complex feel simpler, and makes what is simpler feel richer." We couldn't agree more. The Baltimore-based user experience designer loves typography, dogs, and people who challenge her thinking.

1778 influencers helped bring Glide to life.

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1.5" L x 0.6" W (40mm L x 15mm W)


Development duration: 3 months
Time in store: about 1 year
Units sold to date: 949

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