Twist and score

Spiral slice

Cutting your sausages this way creates an even cook, inside and out. It also creates nooks to to keep toppings from sliding off your dog.


Unlike many other BBQ knives, Cyclone is small, safe, and convenient to carry with you to picnics and cookouts.

Twist and score
Twist and score

Condiment colors

Cyclone comes two to a set in Mustard Yellow and Ketchup Red. They vary in size to fit a wide range of weenies.

Invented By

Zoli Honig


Like all Quirky products, Cyclone was invented and influenced by real people like you. One summer, Zoli Honig watched a YouTube video on spiral-slicing hot dogs. Upon trying it himself, he noticed it was a clumsy process: putting the dog on a skewer, taking out an oversized knife and attempting to cut the dog at the right angle and depth while twisting it around. Zoli was inspired! Seven months later, he held Cyclone in his hand at Quirky HQ.

3385 influencers helped bring Cyclone to life.

Zoli Honig
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Large: 2.00" H × 1.50" W × 1.50" D (51mm x 38mm x 38mm) Small: 1.75" H × 1.50" W × 1.25" D (44.5mm x 38mm x 32mm)


Development duration: 5 months
Time in store: almost 2 years
Units sold to date: 3,289

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