Stand for style

Pinpoint precision

Its conductive tip works as a stylus, so you can even swipe with gloves on.

Your smartphone, straight up

Upwrite's key chain lock doubles as a kickstand grip for smartphones.

Stand for style
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Dallas, TX

Like all Quirky products, Upwrite was invented and influenced by real people like you. Also the inventor of Fender, Rene Diaz has a passion for gadgets. The inventor, mechanical engineer and IT specialist loves oatmeal with raisins. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Rene now lives with his wife and three boys. 'Rethinking the wheel' keeps him inspired, so we're happy he's a part of the Quirky community.

1501 influencers helped bring Upwrite to life.

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  • $19,721



Rubber, polished zinc, silicone


3.2" L x .74" W x .5" D (82mm L x 19mm W x 14mm D)


Development duration: 3 months
Time in store: almost 2 years
Units sold to date: 1,568

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