Rest and recharge

Darn good lookin'

Stash-away cable management makes it easy to stow wires and a sleek, curved back allows your electronics to nestle in place.

Versatile charging

Four USB outlets are designed to charge both bottom-connected accessories like the iPad® or iPhone® and side-connected ones like cameras or Blackberries® all at once.

Rest and recharge
Rest and recharge

Dress up your desktop

Add a pop of color to your otherwise dull desktop with Converge in an array of hot hues, keep it simple in black or white, or upgrade to aluminum for a little extra shine.

Invented By

Jin Chai

San Ramon, CA

Like all Quirky products, Converge was invented and influenced by real people like you. Jin Chai noticed his family had six iPods and only one computer as he watched cable chaos take over his desk like vines. While listening to a family spat over who got to charge next, he realized he needed some sort of docking station with one power line that could charge all types of devices at once. Sound familiar? This Seattle native now lives in California, where he discovered our community while watching YouTube.

2578 influencers helped bring Converge to life.

Jin Chai
  • $24,354
  • $54,610



Pop: Plastic, silicone Aluminum: Plastic, silicone, aluminum


Collapsed: 1.5" L x 12.7" W x 5" D (323mm x 40mm x 127mm)


Development duration:
Time in store: 9 months
Units sold to date: 4,856

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In the box

- 1 Converge - AC power adapter - Compatible with all USB charging devices