12-piece customizable pocket knife


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Your tool, your way

Switch is the ultimate modular pocket knife. It comes with 12 easily interchangeable attachments that perform 16 distinct functions and can be mixed, matched, and customized to suit your particular MacGyvering skillset.

Your tool, your way
Your tool, your way

Manage your multi-tool

Comes with: blade, wood saw, serrated blade, bottle opener/flathead screwdriver, micro flathead screwdriver, micro Phillips screwdriver, file, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, scissors, LED flashlight, and mirror/tweezer/pick/pen.

Pocket-size power

Each tool was made with strong materials and deep collective thought to tackle tangible real-world tasks on the go—like tightening screws on sunglasses, cutting fishing line, or slicing boxes open.

Your tool, your way

James Robinson

New York

Like all Quirky products, Switch was invented and influenced by real people like you. Jim Robinson is a pocket knife enthusiast and has a shop with hundreds of tools in it, so it's no surprise Switch came to be. His foray into invention, however, started when he was working nights and weekends to build in-stadium touchscreen ordering systems in 1994. Now he's a co-founder and managing partner at RRE Ventures, one of Quirky's backers. Besides business, Jim loves tech, cars, movies, books, burgers, dim sum, and travel.

1860 influencers helped bring Switch to life.

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Stainless steel


.85" L x 1.2" W x 3.5"H (21.5mm L x 30mm W x 90mmH)


Development duration: over 3 years
Time in store: 8 months
Units sold to date: 593

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In the box

1 Switch customizable pocket knife 1 sturdy carrying case 12 tool attachments with 16 functions: -Blade -Wood saw -Serrated blade -Bottle opener/flathead screwdriver -Micro flathead screwdriver -Micro Phillips screwdriver -File -Phillips screwdriver -Pliers -Scissors -LED flashlight -Mirror/tweezer/pick/pen