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Hard to hang? Not anymore.

Garments like halter tops and asymmetrical dresses stay put, pants and accessories rest easy, and hooks hang lingerie and delicate straps.

Shape up your closet

Contour holds dress shapes to prevent wrinkles, and its rounded corners won't damage delicate materials. The better your clothes look in your closet, the better they'll look on you.

Support your style
Invented By

Tracie Beer

Like all Quirky products, Contour was invented and influenced by real people like you. Tracie Beer was shuffling through her closet, frustrated as she searched for clothes that had gotten lost in the fold, or worse, had gotten twisted and wrinkled. The idea for Contour came out of this mess. After some deep thinking and prototyping, Tracie submitted her idea with success. The mother of two runs her own interior design firm, where she heard about Quirky from a friend. Thanks friend!

498 influencers helped bring Contour to life.

Tracie Beer
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  • $3,322



Plastic, metal


21.3" W x 15" L x .6" D (540 mm W x 381 mm L x 16 mm D)


Development duration: about 1 month
Time in store: over 3 years
Units sold to date: 4,672

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