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Wrap-around extension cord


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Power in any position

Prop Power Pro is a workshop-friendly version of our original wrap-around extension cord. It gives any handyman or handywoman the flexibility to wrap power around a table leg, ladder, or sawhorse—and to prop outlets for easy access. It'll give you the reach and versatility you need to complete that long list of projects like a pro.

Power in any position
Wrap your power

Wrap your power

Up on a ladder? Its 9-foot extension cord brings 3 outlets to you. Never have to climb down to unplug again.


Prop Power's flexible gooseneck design makes wrapping, bending, propping, and clamping a cinch in just about any situation.

Safety yellow

Safety yellow

The extension cord on our Pro version is neon yellow, to highlight the potential tripping hazard in your workshop.


Bonaire Georgia

Like all Quirky products, Prop Power Pro was invented and influenced by real people like you. Jacob Riesgaard first came to Quirky with an idea called "Power Snake" to put an end to the inconvenience of constantly having to climb up and down his ladder to unplug various tools while working on projects in his garage. It was a common complaint, but now the problem has been solved. Shout-out to his beautiful wife and two kids!

3593 influencers helped bring Prop Power Pro to life.

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Plastic, rubber, conductive wiring


Cord: 9' L (2743mm) AC head: 4.4"" L x 2"" W x 1.3"" D (114mm x 50mm x 33mm)


Development duration: 11 months
Time in store: 5 months
Units sold to date: 440

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