The propper stoppers

Let the good times roll...

...just not your bottles. Vine Stop braces your bottles to keep 'em from rollin' around or getting knocked down.

Vino versatility

It fits the standard 750ml bottles and works on larger ones as well. Red, white, or Champagne? Vine Stop supports them all.

The propper stoppers
The propper stoppers

Double the fun

Vine Stop stabilizing stoppers come 2-per-pack, so you can uncork twice as many wines or share the bottle care.

Invented By



Like all Quirky products, Vine Stop was invented and influenced by real people like you. Marc loves his wife and two dogs, one of which is a therapy dog that volunteers at local hospitals. While he's a graphic designer by trade, he moonlights as a children's book writer and illustrator. He's also the inventor of Portion, and keeps a pad of paper and a pen on his nightstand just in case another great idea keeps him up at night. You never know when inspiration will strike.

4239 influencers helped bring Vine Stop to life.

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High-polished aluminum, plastic, silicone


2.75” L x 1.85” W x 1.45” D (70mm x 47mm x 37mm)


Development duration: about 1 month
Time in store: 12 months
Units sold to date: 5,753

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2 Vine Stop stabilizing bottle stoppers