Get ’em while they’re hot!

Muffin magic made easy

Bake Shapes is a baking pan set that forms fun designs on your cupcakes and muffins. These unique shapes hold plenty of toppings in place—from fresh fruit to extra, extra frosting. Simply fill the pan with batter, apply the six molds before baking, and the batter will rise to fill them.

Sunny side out

Extracting the yolk from egg whites can feel as tricky as pulling a rabbit from a hat. Pluck makes it easy by separating the two with a simple squeeze and release of its silicone chamber. Now it’s quick and easy to pluck out the good stuff for that decadent flourless chocolate cake recipe.

Get ’em while they’re hot!
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Oceanside, CA

Like all Quirky products, Pluck and Bake Shapes were invented and influenced by real people like you. When Pluck inventor Mark found out he had high cholesterol, he wasn’t exactly thrilled by his new menu options. He set out to find an easier way to remove the yolk from an egg white so he could easily make mouth-water egg white omelets. Hadar thought of the idea for Bake Shapes while trying to carve designs into muffins that she baked for her husband and son. She's been a licensed Cosmetologist for nearly 10 years, but is now taking a little time off to raise her wonderful 2-year old.

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Pluck: Silicone, plastic Bake Shapes: Steel, silicone


Pluck: 4"L x 2" W (54mm L x 100mm W) Bake Shapes: 2" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" D (52mm L x 90mm W x 90mm D)


Development duration:
Time in store: about 1 year
Units sold to date: 1,009

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In the box

1 Pluck, 6 Bake Shape molds (2 of each design) 6 muffin tins