One-stop chop

Panda approved

Mocubo's surface is made from finished, oil-treated bamboo that scoffs at scuff marks and absorbs moisture.

Triple sous-chef

Three drawers pull out from underneath so you can slide food in and save on counter space while prepping.

One-stop chop
Invented By

Justin Giannone


Like all Quirky products, Mocubo was invented and influenced by real people like you. Justin Giannone hadn't cleaned up after dinner and found himself stressing about the unfinished mess on his cutting board as he tried to sleep. Then at 1am, the idea for Mocubo hit him. Justin loves art and is involved with a wonderful charity called The Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition. Justin cooks for his wife almost every day and we have a hunch she's pleased with this invention.

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Justin Giannone
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