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I stumbled upon this site and became addicted!


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about 7 hours ago
stazy replied to a forum topic What Are You Guys Buying

I have bought around $500 worth of Q stuff mainly when there was a deal going on or during presales when I got extra influence.

The one item I would buy again at retail would be Slice. I have bought several for gifts. I did have an issue with it retainiing water in the dishwasher the first few times, but not since. Just wish it had a cover.

I use pivot powers, bandits and broom groomer.

4 days ago
stazy replied to a forum topic Influence issue

It would be great if Q had an easier way to double check influence. Going through pages and pages is not an easy task.

4 days ago
stazy added a new name for Mocubo Mini
4 days ago
stazy replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

Andrea - maybe you can give some insight. Look at Ventu 2 in your profile. It shows the original model you came up with with the drain on the side. Is that what Ventu 2 is going to be or is it going to be the newer model Ventu but in a different color? I still miss the Ventu in the Quirky TV show. Did you ever end up getting it? I know I spotted it at Quirky headquarters, a few years ago on their shelves. That would of been worth the higher $$$.

4 days ago
stazy replied to a forum topic User78 Webz Stats, No Winning Ideas, Just Tiny Share

Congrats Webz - you are doing well.

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4 days ago
Stazy, there are only a handful of people that add true value to this site. You are one of those people. If i was allowed to let you borrow my Gold Star, I would.
9 days ago
Thanks! :)
Lynn Swords
21 days ago
Hi Stazy!
Darlene Jarrard
about 1 month ago
Hi there Stazy, I hope life is treating you with much respect!
about 1 month ago
Hello :)
about 1 month ago
Thanks for the props, Stazy. I think we have a good group, and we're going to try our hardest.
about 1 month ago
Thanks Stazy. Should be an interesting experience.
Elizabeth Wingfield
about 1 month ago
Thanks, I invested in some Poo Goggles and a Tank Girl hat for the task.
cesar finamori
about 1 month ago
Like to get your thoughts on my idea Thanks
Daedrea Osbourne
2 months ago
Happy Valentine's Day :)
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