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Andrew Wyne
2 months ago
Hey cool ideas! I have a one of my own that I would love your feed back on
3 months ago
Hi stephancom! I’m following you. I look forward to your future ideas. Let me know when you submit your idea and I’ll check it out. Meanwhile, it would be great if you could take the time to check out my newest invention about “Which is a Shampoo Bottle.” Also, if you can post your comments, it would be greatly appreciated! Don't forget to let me know when you vote, so I can keep track of whom voted for me then I can remember you and keep in touch for a long time.
Glenny Rams
4 months ago
mimi z
5 months ago
Hello Stephancom---how's it going. Would you take a look at this idea please. And would so appreciate your vote. This will help to do our part towards saving mother earth and future generations to enjoy. Thank you! :-)
Bob Albee
5 months ago
Hello, I’ve added you to my “Following” list. Here’s a couple of new ideas in the bicycle category that you might like, if you would be so kind as to give them a peek. Moldable Bike Grips , Nautilus Bike Sprocket , Thanks, Bob
Divine Anamekwe
6 months ago
Hi stephancom, I've got an invention I think you'd love. Please have a look and vote if you like what you see. Have a great day!
6 months ago
Glad to connect with You!! Please come see & vote for Happy HeadRub, my newest idea!! I'll vote for your idea too!!
Stitou Soufiane
6 months ago
FLIP HEAD TOOTHBRUSH check out you will like it and i will the same for you
Aaron Bonin
7 months ago
Greetings, I've redesigned an older submission that I think would be great for Home Depot, could you take a look?
m.m 92
7 months ago
Hi Dear stephancom .thank you so much for your attention.i appreciate it.good luck with your ideas.if you like please see my idea and give comment and if like it vote.
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