Tammy Burks

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Lopper and Saw Combo
2 months ago
Hi. Could you please take a look at "Dolly With Removable Shelves" & please VOTE. Thank You.
4 months ago
Please look at my invention the Identified Person. Imagine being able to take a picture of some on your Phone and have the Identified Person App tells you all the information of that person in a matter of seconds.  Please look at my other inventions too. Like the float or fly. If you take a look at all my inventions and the Identified Person I will take a look at all your inventions. Thank you
Charles Winfrey
5 months ago
Tammy, please vote for my GRILL HANDLE LIGHT idea
5 months ago
U have a vote. Will you check out my receptacle please. Thanks.
TJ Formanes
5 months ago
Please Vote for Ticker Bracelet idea. Please give me your community support. Thanks!
Barbara Koehler
5 months ago
That is so cool that you have influenced so many products I am a Newbie to Quirky! If you like my idea Travel Shower Dispenser - maybe you could help me improve it …… please VOTE for me
David Salcedo
5 months ago
Hi Tammy. Voted for "Kick the Stick", great idea!! Take a look at my home decor idea when you have a chance. Appreciate your feedback and VOTE!! Thank you!! Good Luck!!
Quirky us
5 months ago
GOOD LUCK We will follow your progress check The QUIRKY CALENDAR.
louw de kievit
5 months ago
Hi Tammy. VOTED for your great idea. Would you please have a view on my idea and maybe?? a vote. Thanks and good luck.
Erick M
5 months ago
Thanks Tammy
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