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love growing roses and coming up with snap ideas or health care products to improve quality of life busy with care taking for parents and neighbors. Love helping others. In my spare time I love getting into Quirky ideas and reading other members ideas.

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Mary Silver
20 days ago
I just added a new idea and would love the feedback - detachable smart phone amplifier -
S Trotter
about 1 month ago
Pitching for Quirky family votes. Innovation starts with sharing an idea. Please take a look at Allow-once and tell me what you think. And...cast a vote if it is of your liking and willing to influence. You're going to want to influence this. The Next wave of New
about 1 month ago
This simple device can benefit many people. Please take a moment to review my idea; I would appreciate your thoughts, comment and vote. This device helps our loved ones, individuals become active, improves their health, stay in shape. You don’t exercising, you play with this device. With one spin, works your hands, wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps chest, neck, shoulders, back, and more. Also improve blood circulation, more blood and oxygen, (you imagine) just playing while relaxing within the comfort of your home, office, even in bed for therapy.
Jeffrey Davies
about 1 month ago
Jeffrey here please take a minute to look at my ideas and vote if you like them. Many thanks, Jeffrey
gary schwartz
about 1 month ago
Hi take a look at my idea & vote. I would love your input & support. 40 votes to go!
Andrew Wyne
2 months ago
Hey cool ideas! I have a one of my own that I would love your feed back on
Joseph Valenti
2 months ago
Hi please view "the j-tray and have a grateful day
Anthony R
2 months ago
Thank you for following me! My wife is also on Quirky and you might enjoy following her as well! Her current idea is moving quick, would you mind taking a looking and offering somehelpful feedback and vote it you like it?!
3 months ago
Check out my invention when you get a chance. The latest is the Grab-On Wallet. Vote if you like it. I will return a vote in return as soon as I can vote again. Post in Props section or my message board that you voted. I will be sure to vote for you.
Vetock Bros.
4 months ago
Vote if you like my facial sun's a prototype..looking for polarized iridiumlens and light material. The vetocks
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