Tony Fuentes

Jonesboro, AR Joined December 30, 2012

Born and raised in Washington DC and proud father of two wonderful girls, ages 9 and 4. I love being a dad and a husband to my wife of 11 years. I also love pizza, brownies, mixed martial arts and creating things. Most of my professional background is in sales with a dab of finance. I've sold everything from cell phones, financial services, to furniture, and even currency itself! But I also see many real world problems with practical and technical solutions that simply need an inventor. That's why I'm here. Nice to meet you. :)


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5 months ago
Do you have a moment…Water boiling in a Microwave, in a cup or bowl is awkward because it is hot when you take it out, I have the solution with my new idea! Thanks!
Michael Andrich
8 months ago
Check out "Wearable Bluetooth Speakers" I would appreciate a thumbs up vote. Thanks
10 months ago
good luck Tony! what do you think of air blaster and VitaRegimen!
Guillaume C
Guillaume C
about 1 year ago
Do you love Tea ? Please just take a look at my last invention : Tea Mug
over 1 year ago
Hi Great Job hope to see more ideas in the future you great ideas best of luck now and in the future. Blue Dragon.  Please take a look my ideas.,,
Hakan Yakarışık
over 1 year ago
Hi Tony, Could you please look at my E-Reader Phone Case idea and vote it if you like? Best Wishes.
Angela  Cook
Angela Cook
over 1 year ago
Do you have a baby, grandchild, niece, nephew, or just spoil a friends child. Want to introduce them to music! I would love your vote...
over 1 year ago
ONLY 22 TO GO Hi, my friend. Please, if you have a minute, take a look my new invention: Adjustable hole strainer Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much.
almost 2 years ago
Come vote my exciting new ideas. I am new to Quirky ! I look forward to your new ideas
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