Derek Bess

Fort Myers, Florida Joined March 08, 2011

My name is Derek Bess, I'm 24 years young and have a beautiful Girlfriend named Felicia & beautiful baby boy named Davin. I work full time one of the biggest Automotive Advertising Agencies in the United States of America. I also play Guitar in two bands Lost Dog & Pillow Tramp.

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Linda Carr
2 months ago
Derek, Please check out my Bendy Music Clamp and vote for it if you like it, thanks.
Rodney Demers
2 months ago
Hey Derek..If you travel with your guitar you will really like this.....Guitarwheelz!
April Doss
3 months ago
Hi Derek,I'm hoping to get feedback from guitar players on a new idea I just posted: a guitar-mounted pick holder that conceals an extra pick on the back of your guitar or strap - invisible to others but easy for you to use, so you never have to fumble for a spare pick again. Please let me know what you think - if you like it, please vote for it. Thanks!
Robert Han
about 3 years ago
Thanks for all the help for the Wearable Tweets idea. Really appreciated it =D