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Gibsonia, PA Joined November 14, 2009

I am an entrepreneur and a business owner in the online training world. I own a software company and I am a self confessed techy and love inventing! I have 2 awesome kids and 1 awesome husband!! (LOL)

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about 14 hours ago
andrea zabinski replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

SO, for those that are here to make money and a great product....keep the faith, time and effort pays off, YOU WATCH!! NUF SAID! I will no longer's not worth the crazy! :) SMILES! I will leave you with...quirky rocks, they know what they are doing!! LOVE VENTU! PEACE OUT!

about 14 hours ago
andrea zabinski replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

Again, read above I was speaking of PAPAJIM, another crazy that thinks they know EVERYTHING along with harassing everyone...I never back down to people that are nuts...I simply call them out, like everyone wants too! GET A LIFE!! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!

about 20 hours ago
andrea zabinski replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

I rarely come into the forums anymore due to this type of's making a mockery of quirky and those that are here for their products to be made and sold and to enjoy people within the forums...sadly this has all turned into a cluster of people that can't support one another...AND it's the same culprits consistently...I am all for being a promoter in helping people and supporting each other, this is just crazy, SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER!!!!

about 21 hours ago
andrea zabinski replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

You have NO idea what you are talking about... I am asking to have the posts taken down, this is not ok to continue to do what you do to other inventors Papajim and quite frankly you do not have an inside view of my product or anyone else' have no idea what is happening behind the scenes...I find it funny that those that are not successful on quirky seem to think they know what they are talking about, and those that get kicked off other sites should be kicked off this one too...the price point on quirky IS NOT the same price point with a retailer that buys in bulk...if you had any professional insight into the products on quirky you would understand that nothing is set in stone and nothing is as it for every situation...

The product is quality, it takes time to meet with the right vendors, it takes time to discount on products and negotiate...if they are coming out with other colors, it seems to me that things are going in the right direction...I know more than you all do as the inventor, as per usual, they tell us things you are not privy too...STOP the harassment (cause all you do is make a A$$ out of yourself)! NUF SAID!

AND BTW---Q DID NOT miss any mark on this product, NONE!

1 day ago
andrea zabinski replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

Whoop it's starting! Found $850 in my account this morning...again, please don't bash a product they have reason's as to why they can and are charging more for it...price should come down as it sells more...quirky rocks!!


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about 13 hours ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
Ruben Brito
about 14 hours ago
hey there!
about 16 hours ago
Congrats on your success with Ventu. Don't let it get to you what they say in the forums. Your making money and your invention is selling. Good Luck to you and God Bless!
Maria Morrill
1 day ago
Version 2!! YAY Congrats!! Love the red :)
Bob Breneman
1 day ago
Andrea, just voted on colors/ base for the Ventu. Great idea. I'm originally from Gibsonia from way back. Turner Rd. Congrats on your Quirky success!
Tami Johnson
3 days ago
I only wish it came with a snap on cover. I hate having to wrap the top of a bowl with saran wrap when leftover are in it.
3 days ago
congrats ventu v2
Christopher Joseph
3 days ago
Real Deal!
alissa beth fox
4 days ago
Congrats andrea on a new color line! I like your art and I like the black with bamboo.
Darlene Jarrard
3 months ago
No, it's Super-woman! Very motivated by your ambition, thank you. Congrats on your success with ventu. Very impressive. :-)
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